Mike at the Moose Lodge 7-23-2016 recap

Well, I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go… The Moose Lodge was an unknown to me. What was it? What did they do? Was a secret handshake required for me to get in? Would they allow non-member guests? All my questions were answered. The Moose Lodge is an awesome group of civic-minded individuals who are dedicated to helping children and the elderly through charitable donations. They were so welcoming and receptive. No secret handshake! Truly a treat. It turns out that guests are welcome, but they do have to ring a buzzer at the door to be let in. I was accompanied by Peter Smith on guitar for several songs. Peter is a good friend and I really like playing with him. He surprised me by making up a t-shirt with an iron-on of me on it! Pretty awesome, actually. Thank you to everyone who came out to this show. I’ll be back there September 3rd and November 5th.Mike and Peter