The Appleumpkin Festival has come and gone.

Well, the Appleumpkin Festival in Tecumseh has come and gone. I got to play three different stages throughout the town and got to meet and talk to some very cool people. The young people there were particularly inspiring. Follow your dreams, kids! Sometimes it felt as if my whole show was going off the rails with all the running commentaries and mid-song shout outs to kids making great catches on the lawn and the cool kids showing up on their sweet bicycles… I at one point though that I was in a parallel universe where I had chosen to be an unfunny comedian as a career path… Thank you to Michael Snyder-Barker for putting the musical schedule together, Jonathan Gardner for running the Shuttle stage, and Dave Solo and Michael Snyder-Barker for being part of the opening trio that was so much fun! I still can’t believe that helicopter rides were only $35!