Songwriter Sunday 11-19-17 Cultivate Coffee

It’s interesting, this musical adventure I’ve been on. The people are the best part of it. Sunday, 11-19-2017 was no exception. The event was a “Behind the Music” songwriters show featuring Sophiyah E., Trey Priest, James Henes, and myself. We all had a chance to play a few songs and talk about our process of writing and get to the stories behind the songs. There were questions from audience members and I found the whole thing really fulfilling. Jenny Jones put the show together and really did a great job with making us feel like we are a part of a greater community. Sophiyah, Trey, and James were so good. Everyone really showed up and delivered fantastic performances. I even got to read an excerpt from Andee Reilly’s recent book Satisfaction. It features some of the lyrics to my song “California” in it and is part of the overall arc of the story. A very cool night and experience. Thank you to all who made it possible.