2-28-2018 Recording Bass with David Roof

“Some miraculous confluence of events must have happened in my life for me to be here right now”. This is what I said as David Roof was playing the bass part for “Chasing it After it’s Gone at the end of our session today. We got through six songs today on bass, and watching Dave’s experience and musician’s intuition as he took these songs as they are, and poured himself into them, really made me realize how whatever paths I have gone down, they lead me here, and here is a good place to be.

2-27-2018 Recording Drums with Donn Deniston

So, last night I was at Rooftop Recording with Donn Deniston playing drums and it was tremendous! I had almost forgotten what it was like to play with a truly great drummer. The minute he started playing it was like the Bat Signal going up, lighting the dark clouds of my rock and roll soul, calling me to action. It was a full-on adrenaline rush! He played with such precision and intensity, and really helped bring out the dynamics and subtle nuances of each song. He just nailed it. Dave Roof really got the microphones and placement just right. He is an amazing engineer/producer/musician. The sound coming back through the monitors was better than I could have hoped for. I’m so excited by how this record is coming along. Thanks, guys!

2-17-2018 Common Grace Coffee Company w/ Acoustic Ash.

Ash Harris is an important artist for our times. I feel privileged to share the stage with her every time we have a show together. She is a strong advocate for equality and social justice and has the words and deeds to back it up. On top of that, she is a phenomenal singer-songwriter with a one-in-a-million voice. Truly a can’t miss performer, when you get the chance. This was an incredible evening. I am lucky to have been a part of it. Thanks to Common Grace Coffee and Adam Jezewski for including us in your one-year anniversary celebration event!

2-10-2018 Plymouth Coffee Bean w/ Lu Fuki & Divine Providence

A lovely show tonight with Lu Fuki & Divine Providence. Some nights you can feel that not only is it a special night of music, but that there’s also a different electricity in the air. Lu Fuki & Divine Providence helped to make this one of those nights. There was a feeling of community and purpose, that together we can overcome some of the influences that seem determined to divide us and break us down. I loved this show.