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Third Monk Brewing Co. June 25th at 7:30pm

Hey, friends. I’ve got a cool show coming up Saturday night, June 25th at 7:30pm at the Third Monk Brewing Co. in South Lyon, MI. I’m going to be playing two sets and will even be doing some rare ones on electric guitar. I may even throw in a cover song or two. I’m really looking forward to it. Third Monk has some of the best beers around and the atmosphere is intimate and cool. Hope to see you there!FullSizeRender

Plymouth Coffee Bean 6-18-2016

Great show with Mike Galbraith and James Anthony at The Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. on Saturday night! The day was so hot! I asked James if he would come up and play some mandolin on my song “One Water”. I haven’t seen James in at least twelve years since we went to school together at EMU. He was incredible. We had some technical difficulties with cords so we just went old-school unplugged> Here’s some video shot by my good friend Peter Smith.

Northville Winery 3-25-2016

This was a very satisfying evening for me in every way. Lee Hyland hosted this singer/songwriter night and he was fantastic. He was gracious and incredibly talented and made everything look easy. Frank Allison followed and he was a joy to watch. His performances are always entertaining and highly recommended. Frank and I Jody Bauman - Why Can't I see You?had a good laugh after the show talking about his brilliant song “The New Success”. Damn, if it doesn’t cut a little close to the bone… I played next and had the most interesting experience of playing with a live painter. Jody Bauman and I went in and out of time and space and both of us got something really cool out of it. I was also fortunate enough to be joined by guitarist Rob Nelson, who I had just met, for a couple of my songs. He played like he knew what was coming and it was great. I posted a video of our collaboration on “One Water” and another of “One More Candle” featuring Jody Bauman on the easel, on the video page. This was a night that you dream about having…