New videos from the Ark Release Show July 2018

Here’s a video from The Saline Post from the August 4th Saline Summer Music Series. It’s a chill version of “The Way It Goes” and it features some cute kids running around at the end. Lots of fun.

Great show with Mike Galbraith and James Anthony at The Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. on Saturday night! The day was so hot! I asked James if he would come up and play some mandolin on my song “One Water”. I haven’t seen James in at least twelve years since we went to school together at EMU. He was incredible. We had some technical difficulties with cords so we just went old-school unplugged> Here’s some video shot by my good friend Peter Smith.One Water.

Live at The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI 4-7-2016. This video features a song introduction. The Acorn is one of my favorite places to play. It is beautiful and the audiences are fantastic.

One Water, live at Northville Winery and Brewing Company March 25 2016. Featuring guest guitarist Rob Nelson. We had just met and he plays beautifully on this one. Video credit – Joseph Judge

This song was written as a tribute to the people in Flint, Michigan. One Water. Live at Trinity House Theatre Livonia, MI 3-15-2016. Gary Cooper is the guest accompanist on the flute. Video credit – Joseph Judge

I played at the Yellow Barn Theater in Ann Arbor, MI February 10 2016. Check out some videos! Video Credit – Peter Smith

Here’s a couple of original songs, “The Way It Goes” and “Lonely In Paradise” live at The Trinity House Theatre Livonia, MI 1-5-2016. Video Credit – Joseph Judge